Pet Relocation


How it Works


Getting in contact with one of our representatives is the first step in creating a flawless itinerary for your pet. We will also briefly discuss the specific requirements and services needed for a successful relocation to your final destination.

Finalizing itinerary

Your relocation specialist will consult with your veterinarian, USDA officials, and any government agencies in order to build your pet(s) final itinerary. They are also available to answer any questions you may have and keep you updated along the way.

Ready to Fly!

Our relocation specialist performs a final documentation check  and books your pet(s) flight. One of our pet loving handlers will be communicating with the relocation specialist to provide you with updates regarding your pet(s).

A happy reunion

We will ensure a smooth arrival whether it be a customs clearance and hand-off or a delivery to your new residence. Our goal is to facilitate a happy reunion for our new family members!

International Pet Travel

For us humans moving to a country can be an exciting but overwhelming experience–and it’s no different for our four-legged friends. There are hundreds of details to consider when choosing the proper relocation plan. Regulations and requirements can vary by destination and change frequently. The pet relocation process can be so demanding that one wrong move can cause a snag in  your furry friend(s) travel plans. But have no fear because — we got pet travel down to a science– making it simple for you. We make the process worry-free for the whole family and provide you with a personal consultant dedicated to making sure your pet receives the highest level of care at all stages of the relocation process.



At All Paws Express, we like to simplify the process and be transparent on what services you will be purchasing. Below you will find our variety of “Paw”kages that bundle the services required in a successful relocation. Traveling can get pretty expensive so we work with you to make the expenses for your pet’s travel as affordable as possible. We believe in keeping families together, so we offer flexible relocation “Paw”kages and tailored services that help fit your budget.


Customized “Paw”kage

We provide customized quotes which are tailored exactly to your relocation needs. Here you can pick and choose what services you will be needing us to assist on. Feel free to give a call or click the request a quote button to get your customized quote today!



Basic “Paw”kage

This “Paw”kage is designed for families who wish to handle the relocation on their own but only need the proper paperwork and simple instruction on how to work with their veterinarian on country-specific requirements. All Paws Express will send a kit with the up to date documents and instructions for your vet to be able to fill out and prepare accordingly along with the stickers and supplies needed for the travel kennel.

Domestic Pet Travel

TRAVELING WITHIN THE US? All Paws express makes the pet travel experience convenient, safe and stress-free. We use our intricate knowledge of pet transportation,  rules and regulations to get you the most efficient and turn key experience- while caring for your pets like our own along the way!

We do it all for you: Our services include everything from residential pickup, delivery at destination, providing transport crates/supplies, airline bookings and health certificate reviews.  We always put pet parents and their furry babies first, so that means we work to provide the most financially flexible and convenient travel options in the industry.


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