Our Frequently Asked Questions

What service do you provide?

All Paws Express is a pet transporting company. We focus on getting your pets to and from their destinations in the safest and most productive way possible. No matter if you’re flying across the country or just need a pet taxi service to get your pet to the other side of town we can work with you to fulfill your and your pet’s needs.

How does pet relocation work?

We will make sure that your pet has all of the required paperwork to travel, from vaccinations, certificates, crate sizes, etc. Once the travel date has arrived we can meet you at the airport or pick up your pet and deliver them to the airport, depending on the chosen service, once your pet has arrived at their destination one of our agents will be there waiting for them to have them delivered to their final destination unless otherwise asked by the owner. 

How do you relocate the pets?

Our team has had tons of experience with relocating pets. We know what to do with pets who are a little on edge, those first-time travelers, or even those who are used to traveling already. 

For most clients, we have an agent pick up your pet, we are sure to get to know them before anything else we know how important comfort is in any situation and we’d rather not be complete strangers.  Once we’ve loaded up it’s time to head off to the destination depending on if it’s land or air travel. For air travel, we head to the airport and run the pet through security checkpoints, once that is done we send them on their way to be picked up by our agents at the landing destinations. If the flight has a layover your pets will be given a place to rest and use the restroom.

How safe is air travel for pets?

Air travel for animals is just as safe as it is for humans. Other than the few breeds who are not allowed to fly due to breathing problems all other pets should be good to go. In the process of getting your pet ready for travel, they must be cleared with a vet which will tell us they are healthy and safe to travel. If the animal is not cleared by a vet further safety precautions will need to be made but are not due to travel. Healthy pets will find traveling easy and become accustomed to it quite quickly. 

What Type of Crate Does my pet need?

Crate size depends on the height and weight of your pet. Picking the size of a crate can be a bit tricky as you don’t want it to be too small that it is uncomfortable but you also don’t want it to big that they have far too much room causing them to bounce around during travel. Crates also need to be approved by the airline, which is a quick and easy task we can always help with. For further questions please feel free to reach out to an All Paws Express representative.

Why Can't my breed fly?

Most pets are welcome to travel but in the rare occurrence your pet is not it is for a few reasons. The number one reason being they fall under the category of snub-nosed dog breeds meaning they have an impaired respiratory system and may simply have a hard time traveling. This is simply a safety precaution to avoid trouble or unsafe traveling. Another reason could be the destination you’re are traveling to does not allow the breed. 

Is my pet going to be cargo?

Yes, pets do fly in cargo which is actually much more comfortable for them. The lights are not as bright and the soft humming or the plane sometimes helps relax them and put them to sleep. They avoid any unnecessary contact with anyone and are contained to their own bubble allowing them to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Can you accompany my pet?

Yes, we can accompany your pet, we do offer packages that include us accompanying your pet while it is not very common as pets fly in cargo and it is at times a bit harder to get an agent and a pet on the same plane. Fear not allowing your pet to fly alone is not as stressful on them as you’d imagine as either way they will not be flying with passengers but instead in cargo where there is far less movement given them the chance to relax. If flying alone one of our agents will be there as soon as they arrive waiting for them!

What Countries do you provide services to?

Currently the most common countries we travel to include Australia, New Zealand, and the United States while we still offer pet relocation to any country. Just be sure to contact a representative as flying outside of the country can be a lengthy process. Be sure to check out our pull-down tab for more information on country guidelines. 

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