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What You Need to Know Before Moving Dogs and Cats to Mexico

Are you traveling to Mexico with a dog? Depending on when you leave, you may want to start the international travel process sooner than later. For Mexico, you’ll want to start your pet’s documentation and vaccines at least 30 days ahead of your travel date.

All Paws Express specializes in helping pet owners take pets to Mexico and will ensure your pet has all the necessary documentation and vaccinations to travel to Mexico. We’ll explain what you need to take your dog.

Mexico Import Requirements

Rabies Vaccination

Rabies vaccinations must be less than one year old to be considered valid if administered correctly and don’t expire before entry. The rabies vaccine cannot be dated less than 30 days before arrival. Dogs that are less than three months old are exempt from this requirement. You will need to bring the original rabies vaccination certificate signed by your vet.

Microchip Identification

While Mexico doesn’t require a microchip for entering the country, you may want to have your pet microchipped as a safety precaution.

Your Pet No Longer Needs a Health Certificate (USDA)

Effective as of 12/16/2019, your pet no longer needs a health certificate before travel from your veterinarian. Now, your pet will be inspected when they arrive by official SENASICA personnel. ***Note that even though USDA & Mexico states they do not require a health certificate the airlines who transport the pets still require a health certificate to be issued before travel with parasite treatment proofs but DOES NOT need to be endorsed by the USDA.


Your pet must arrive in a clean pet carrier and be taken to the Mexican Animal and Plant Health Inspection Office (OISA). Authorized personnel will examine your pet for:

  • No signs of infectious or contagious diseases
  • No ectoparasites
  • No fresh wounds or wounds that are healing
  • No lesions on the skin from mites

If your pet doesn’t pass inspection, it will need to remain at the OISA office. If you are concerned your pet will not pass, you may want to take your dog to your vet for inspection before traveling for peace of mind.


If your dog is being treated for mites, you’ll need to bring a letter from your veterinarian that explains your pet’s treatment and diagnosis.

Does my dog need their Rabies Shot?

Additionally, New Zealand requires that all pets have a current rabies vaccination. Your cat or dog will need to be at least three months old to administer the rabies vaccine. The first time your pet is getting a rabies vaccine, it will need to be valid within 12 months of travel date.

Your Dog’s Pet Carrier

Before inspection at the OISA office, your dog’s carrier needs to be clear of:

  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Edible products

If your dog’s carrier contains these things upon inspection, the contents will be discarded and the carrier disinfected.


A small portion of food is the only thing allowed in the carrier when you arrive for inspection.

Can I bring a dog back from Mexico?

Yes, if the dog is from Mexico and has a health certificate issued from the Mexican Consulate. The health certificate must be issued within six months of travel to the US.

How much does it cost to relocate a pet to Mexico?

Traveling internationally with a pet can vary in costs, please submit an estimate request or call in to speak to a representative at All Paws Express to get more information on services you may or may not need and to get a quote for your pets travel arrangements.

 Hiring a pet relocation service can help you navigate all the restrictions and ensure your pet follows all rules and regulations for entering Argentina. All Paws Express specializes in international travel to help your pet have a safe and pleasant trip.

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