Cats aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we can all agree – they are fascinating! So much of their behavior is funny and interesting, like blinks, paw taps, kneading, headbutts, rubs, and stares. Their responses to you and their personalities are so unique. 

Read on to find out why your cat stares at you and how to show them you love them. 

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Interesting Cat Behavior 

So much of your cat’s behavior is a mystery, but their staring can be especially unnerving. They seem to be staring into your soul! But what does that intense stare mean? And why do they do it so often? This behavior is perfectly normal and can even be entertaining (if you like weird stuff). 

Why is Your Cat Staring At You?

attractive woman caressing a gray cat

Aside from loving the sight of you, here are a few reasons your cat is staring

Your Cat is Hungry

Although sometimes they ‘talk’ to you when they’re hungry, they also stare at you. It could be an attempt to hypnotize you into pulling out the food, or cats are so super cool that when they’re hungry, they just give you a look. But in either event, if they’re sitting near their food dish and begin making eye contact, they’re probably hungry. 

Your Cat Loves You

Your cat’s nonverbal communication may be a show of love and affection. We all think of cats as being standoffish and unemotional, especially when compared with excitable dogs. But cats are capable of feeling and showing love. If your cat looks at you with half-closed eyelids, you may be getting eye kisses from them. If their staring is accompanied by purring and kneading, they’re saying they love you. So, don’t be creeped out by the staring; you’re being adored! 

Your Cat is Curious

Cats are curious creatures. Although they often seem aloof or detached from the rest of your household, they are still curious. They may be staring at you because they’re interested in the things you’re doing. They like to see your activity, cooking, eating, dancing, etc. 

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Your Cat is Territorial

Your cat is a visual hunter and can become territorial in its home. They often stare at new or unfamiliar cats to assert dominance and intimidate them. So, they don’t just stare at people; they use this same form of silent communication with other cats. Your cat also likes to keep an eye on anything they consider prey. 

You might even notice that your kitten stares as well. They may be getting to know you and their new surroundings.  

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Your Cat is Bored

Is your cat following you around and making eye contact? They might be telling you they’re bored. Offer them toys and play with them to provide mental and physical stimulation. Remember, if you don’t have a box full of cat toys, you can make some. 

Your Cat’s Body Language Understood

a tabby cat stretching

When you want to understand your cat, consider their body language in addition to their staring. 

Relaxed Posture

Some cats love to snuggle up with their pet parents. They’re showing you how much they love you and want your attention and affection. They’re also feeling comfortable and happy. Here are a few other signs your cat is happy and relaxed:

  • Soft eyes – open and alert
  • Upright tail
  • Slow blinking
  • Rolling onto their back
  • A hop-up – they’re excited to see you

Scared and Tense

Is your cat hiding under the couch with its tail tucked under them? They may be afraid of something. Vacuuming, using a blender, or a sudden, loud noise from the television can all give your cat a start. They’ll hide and stare to keep watch for dangers. Here are other signs your cat feels afraid:

  • Their tail is tense
  • Their back is arched
  • Their fur and whiskers are standing up
  • Hiss or swipe at you


Is your cat swishing her tail with her ears turned to the side and has dilated pupils? This body language says that they feel agitated. They could be upset for many reasons, including feeling overwhelmed by your attention. Offer them toys, play a game with them, or give them a treat to distract them from whatever bothers them. 

Here are other signs your cat is anxious:

  • Their ears are flat against their head
  • They’re crouched close to the floor
  • Their eyes are wide 
  • They’re hiding – let them

How to Show Your Cat You Love Them

Here are several ways to show your cat you love them

  • Give them a cat massage
  • Learn their body language
  • Give them cat treats
  • Play games with them
  • Give them special attention
  • Relieve their boredom
  • Groom them
  • Provide a stimulating environment
  • Remember the catnip

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Last Words

Cats have their own personalities; some are affectionate and loving, while others are distant and detached. However they behave, they are capable of loving you. Your cat’s behaviors can be confusing or frustrating, but they are also fascinating. Cats are intelligent creatures. Whatever they’re feeling, hunger, fear, or tension, they find ways to communicate it to you. Their intense stares can have several meanings, and it’s up to you to learn their body language to understand their needs. 

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