Want a dog bed that is both functional and stylish? You may want to consider getting your dog a dog sofa. Dog couch beds are excellent for dogs with joint issues and create a better sense of home where you keep your dog bed. We list the best dog sofas for any breed and what to look for when buying.

What to Look For When Buying a Dog Couch Bed

When buying a dog couch bed, there are several things you need to look for to ensure quality, comfort, and durability. The advantage of purchasing a couch bed over a traditional dog bed is that the couch is elevated, making it easier on your dog’s joints. This is particularly helpful for older dogs. 

To ensure the bed is at a comfortable level for your dog, you’ll want to:

  • Measure your dog’s height. By knowing your dog’s height, you’ll be able to compare dimensions with the couch’s height to make sure the bed isn’t too high or low for your dog. Most dog couches are designed for medium to small dogs. If you have a larger breed, this may narrow your options.
  • Determine your budget. Dog sofas can be more expensive than your average dog bed. You’ll want to decide how much you want to spend beforehand to find the right balance of style, practicality, and comfort.
  • Take your home style into account. You may not want to buy a Victorian-style dog couch if your home is modern. Unless your style is eclectic, you’ll want to pick a dog bed that fits your home’s aesthetic. 
  • Take note of how to care for the couch. Dog beds can get nasty and need to be washed. You may want to look for options with removable covers that you can throw in the wash. But if you prefer hand-washing dog beds, this won’t be a factor. 

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The Top 5 Dog Couch Beds for Any Breed

Here are our favorite picks for the best dog couch beds for any breed.

Best Overall Dog Couch Bed: Snoozer Luxury Overstuffed Microsuede Pet Sofa

Black Overstuffed Luxury Dog Sofa

The Snoozer Luxury Overstuffed Microsuede Pet Sofa is a well-rated, easy-to-wash, soft and comfortable couch for your dog. The sofa comes in various sizes and colors to match your home. The large bed is 30” x 40”x 11” inches.


  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Super soft fabric encourages lounging.
  • Durable fabric for long-term use.


  • More expensive than other pet sofas.
  • Can dirty easily, requiring more washing. 

Most Deluxe Couch Dog Bed: Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa

Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa

Do you love leather furniture, fine wine, and green olives? Then the Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa may be for your posh dog. This deluxe faux leather couch is the perfect bed for a sophisticated style. The bed is on two-inch wood legs and can hold up to 90 lbs. Measuring 33” x 24” in, the leather pet sofa also has a pocket for storing toys and treats.


  • The faux leather wipes clean easily.
  • The sophisticated style makes it look like authentic furniture.
  • Reasonable price for deluxe style.


  • The main cushion is not as durable as other fabrics for long-term use and can wear quickly.
  • It cannot handle urine and heavy soiling because of its spot cleaning method.

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Best Orthopedic Dog Couch Bed: Serta Ortho Quilted Couch Pet Bed

Desert Sand Colored Serta Orthopedic Quilted Couch Dog Bed

The Serta Ortho Quilted Couch Pet Bed is very affordable, well-rated, and designed for joint-friendly orthopedic support from a trusted brand. The convoluted foam provides superior comfort, and the quilted plush surface offers ultra-soft comfort. The bed comes in multiple colors and sizes to accommodate all breeds and preferences.


  • The couch comes in a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes to fit your dog and home style.
  • Designed to relieve orthopedic pain.
  • Very affordable price compared to other couches.


  • Difficult to clean.
  • Quality isn’t consistent, making it less durable. 

Most Comfortable Couch Dog Bed: Cedillo Faux Fleece and Chenille Soft Woven Bolster

Coffee Cedillo Faux Fleece and Chenille Soft Woven Bolster

The Cedillo Faux Fleece and Chenille Soft Woven Bolster is one of the softest couch beds to make our list. Made with faux fleece and chenille, the couch bed offers the ultimate in snuggly softness, making the bed a favorite. It comes in a couple of colors and is very affordable. The dimensions for this bed are 44” x 35” x 8”.


  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning in the washer.
  • Ultra-soft fabrics and fiber-filler.
  • Affordable price.
  • Variety of colors.


  • Compressed packaging deforms the bed for a few days upon opening.
  • Not as high as other beds. 

Most Affordable Dog Couch Bed: EMME Sofa Style Orthopedic Dog Bed

EMME Sofa Style Orthopedic Dog Bed

The EMME Sofa Style Orthopedic Dog Bed is the most affordable bed on our list. The pet couch has a removable washer-friendly fleece cover. This couch comes in four colors to match your home. The couch dimensions are 21.2 x 14.2 x 6.8” inches, making it one of our lower beds.


  • Affordable price.
  • Super soft fabrics
  • Removable cushions for easy washer cleaning


  • Not as durable as other beds.
  • The fabric feels thin. 

Dog Couch Beds are a Hot Trend Your Dog Will Love

Dog couches are a great way to add style to function. Your dog will love to get off the ground and lounge in our picks for dog sofas. But be wary of the price. Many of these dog beds are more expensive than traditional beds. And many of them are difficult to wash. 

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