When you take your dog outside in hot, snowy, or rainy weather, does its paws get damaged, cracked, or bleed? If so, then you may want to get your dog a pair of dog boots. Yes, your dog might feel a bit embarrassed and clumsy in them at first, but your dog will thank you when their paws are intact after a fun day outside.

But it can be challenging knowing which dog booties will be best for your dog. We’ll explain what to look for and list the best dog boots for all occasions.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Boots

Regardless of the size of your dog, the dog boots need to:

  • Have some space at the toes
  • Fit snug around the ankle
  • Have some wiggle room while offering support
  • Have an anti-slip sole

That said, you do need to buy dog boots that are the right size for your dog. If the dog bootie claims one-size-fits-all, it’s not a good choice. You’ll want to buy a sized boot that will snuggly fit your dog’s foot. Otherwise, you’ll just have lost booties.

Unfortunately, dog boot companies measure boot size differently. Some measure by the weight of your dog, and others go by the foot length of your dog. When buying, be very mindful of how the boot is measured to ensure the right fit.

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The 10 Best Dog Boots

Here are our best dog boot picks for all occasions:

1. Qumy Dog Boots with Reflective Strips

Qumy Dog Boots with Reflective Strips

Best Overall Dog Boots

The Qumy Dog Boots are one of the most versatile dog boots on the market. Using two adjustable straps to guarantee a snug fit on your dog’s paws, the Qumy Dog Boots are made from waterproof material and have a tough anti-slip sole for stability and traction. These dog boots come in various sizes and colors.

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2. Teozzo Dog Shoes

Teozzo Dog Shoes

Best Value Dog Boots

The Teozzo Dog Shoes are the best paw protectors for a low price. Most dog boots that fall into the under $20 range are not as well rated or as good a value. The Teozzo Dog Shoes are the exception. However, these anti-slip dog boots with reflective straps are only available for small to medium size dogs.

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3. Ultra Paws Durable Boots

Ultra Paws Durable Boots

Best Dog Boots That Stay On

The Ultra Paws Durable Boots are designed to stay on your dog’s feet while providing maximum comfort. Utilizing a Velcro two-strap solution, these boots offer a lot of flexibility and traction so that they won’t inhibit your dog’s activities.

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4. XSY&G Dog Boots

XSY&G Dog Boots

Best Dog Snow Boots

The XSY&G Dog Boots are durable, thick-soled snow boots for dogs. These boots can handle any terrain, protecting your dog’s paws from the wet snow, winter salt, and cold using a two-strap solution for a snug fit. The XSY&G Dog Boots are soft, breathable, and allow for a lot of dexterity, creating a comfortable fit your dog won’t mind.

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5. PK.ZTopia Dog Boots

PK.ZTopia Dog Boots

Best Rain Boots for Dogs

The PK.ZTopia Dog Boots are made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric and boast a durable anti-slip sole for the best stability and traction. Using a two-strap system for a tight fit, these boots can handle the rainiest day. And if your dog finds mud, no problem, these boots hand wash quickly.

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6. Ruffwear Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots

Ruffwear Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots

Best Dog Boots for Hiking

The RuffWear Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots are specifically designed for hiking, trail running, backpacking, and other backcountry adventures. These well-rated dog hiking boots are designed for traction and flexibility on even the most challenging terrain.

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7. Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

Best For Medium to Large Dogs

The Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots come in five sizes to fit your medium to large dog. The boots have two straps for a tight fit and are easy on and off. These boots are designed for the larger dog in mind, making them versatile for all occasions.

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8. Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

Best for Small Dogs

The Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots slip on like a sock for maximum comfort and motion. Your small dog will enjoy these durable, easy-fit booties that don’t have cumbersome straps and zippers, giving them a more natural feel. The Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots are disposable or reusable depending on your needs and come at an affordable price that makes these dog boots a no-brainer.

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9. Petbobi Waterproof Dog Shoes

Petbobi Waterproof Dog Shoes

Best Waterproof Dog Boots

The Petbobi Waterproof Dog Shoes are designed to keep your dog’s paws dry and warm in rainy and snowy weather. With a tough, anti-slip sole, these dog shoes protect weak paws from compromising conditions. And the one-strap design makes them easy to take on and off. These dog shoes come in a variety of sizes to fit any size dog.

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10. RIFRUF Caesar 1 Dog Sneakers

RifRuf Caesar 1 Dog Sneakers

Best Fashion Dog Sneakers

Made from premium human sneaker material, the RifRuf Caesar 1 dog shoes will up your dog’s shoe game. These shoes use a hook and loop strap system for a snug fit for maximum mobility. And its 100% rubber sole protects your dog’s pads from all the elements. Your dog will throw swag when it hits the streets in these fashion dog sneakers.

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