One of the best services Uber offers is the ability to bring your pet with you on the ride. But having a successful pet-friendly Uber ride requires that you understand the policy and comply with the rules to protect your rating for you and your pet.

You also want to create an environment that won’t stress out your pet, which requires planning. Here are our best tips for a successful pet-friendly Uber ride.

Tips Before You Get In the Uber

Before you get into your Uber ride, you should do the following if you are bringing a pet:

Let the Driver Know You Are Bringing a Pet

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If you need to bring your pet when getting an Uber ride, you should first make sure that the vehicle is a Pet-Friendly Uber Ride. If you have a service animal, you can bring your service animal regardless of the Uber is pet-friendly. If the animal is an emotional support animal or a pet, then you will need to make sure the driver allows animals.

When you book a Pet-Friendly Uber, you should always let the driver know beforehand:

  • You are bringing a pet.
  • The breed and size of animal you are bringing to ensure the vehicle is big enough.
  • Provide any other information specific to your pet and their behavior that may need attention or assistance.

Only Bring Domestic Pets

When booking a Pet-Friendly Uber Ride, remember that you can only bring domestic pets, which include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Rabbits

Uber doesn’t restrict the size of your pet, but this doesn’t mean that an ostrich counts as a domestic bird. Likewise, even though your snake came from a pet store, it isn’t allowed on a pet-friendly Uber.

If you have a different pet than the animals listed above, you can check with the driver to see if your pet could be allowed. But keep in mind the driver is not required to transport your animal and could deny the request.

Have Your Pet in a Carrier or Restrained with a Leash

While the ride is pet-friendly, it doesn’t necessarily come with pet accommodations. You’ll want to bring your pet in a pet carrier or on a leash for the safety of your pet and to restrain them if they become anxious.  

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Tips to Avoid a Cleaning Fee

If your animal leaves too much hair, vomits, or has an accident, you could be assessed a cleaning free. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid the cleaning fee:

Ask the Driver Where They Prefer the Pet to Sit

Before you get into the car, ask the driver if there is an area where they prefer animals to ride. They may have a preference or have an area of their vehicle that is prepped for animal travel that will help you avoid a cleaning fee if there is an accident.

Bring a Blanket or Towel to Cover the Seat

Come prepared with a blanket or towel to cover the seat or the floor where your pet will ride. This ensures that your pet won’t shed all over the car and can catch any accidents if they happen. Sometimes pet-friendly drivers have a set up for your animal, but bringing a blanket is always a good way to be prepared.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Unattended

Just because the Uber ride is pet-friendly, it does not mean that your pet can travel unattended. Even if you are dropping your pet off to a pet sitter and your animal is well trained, you cannot guarantee your pet’s behavior if you aren’t there. Uber is not an animal transport service. 

If you need a service for your animal to travel alone, you may want to consider a pet transport service like All Paws Express that provides door-to-door pet travel options. They also have a pet taxi service in the Los Angeles area.

Does your pet need to travel unattended? Call All Paws Express at 1 (800) 626-5023 to provide a safe and comfortable trip for your pet.

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How Do I Request a Pet-Friendly Uber Ride?

To request a Pet-Friendly Uber Ride on the UberX app, you need to:

  1. Select🡪Tap to Customize.
  2. Then swipe: Pet-Friendly Ride.

Can I Carry My Dog in Uber?

Yes, but you will need to keep control of your dog at all times. To ensure your dog’s safety, we recommend bringing your dog on a leash or in a pet carrier since this will be the easiest way to retrain your dog if they get nervous during the ride. 

Does it Cost Extra For Pet-Friendly Uber Rides?

Yes, a Pet-Friendly Uber Ride does cost more than a regular Uber. But the charge should only be a few extra dollars. You could also be charged a cleaning fee if your pet leaves too much hair, has an accident, or vomits. So come prepared if you have a particularly anxious pet.

How Many Pets Can You Take on a Pet-Friendly Uber Ride?

Uber allows you to bring one pet per ride

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A Pet-Friendly Uber Ride is Very Convenient When You Come Prepared

When you’ve notified your driver and have taken all the steps to prepare for your Uber ride, you and your pet should have a no-hassle trip. But coming unprepared could cost you cleaning fees if your pet gets overexcited and nervous.

If you need to transport your pet a longer distance or you can’t travel with them, you may want to consider a pet transportation service. All Paws Express has a dedicated personal consultant to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe during their travel. We offer a high-quality turnkey solution for your pet’s next trip. 

Need help planning a trip with your pet? Contact All Paws Express at 1 (800) 626-5023 to learn how they can simplify the process.

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