Do you have a new dog or puppy and want to give them the best life? We have the ultimate list of the best things to do with your dog. To create a bucket list and have the best time with your dog.

1.Teach Your Dog a New Trick

We’re not talking about the basic commands. Teach your dog a trick that will wow your friends or brings a smile like a handstand, salute, sit pretty, or army crawl. Not only is it excellent quality time with your dog, but they also enjoy the training treats.

2.Dress Your Dog in a Costume for Halloween

This may not be high on your dog’s bucket list, but it is right of passage as a dog lover. Entertain the neighborhood with a unique or unusual dog costume for Halloween. And don’t forget the Halloween treats for your dog for being a good sport.

3.Take Your Dog to the Beach

woman sitting on shore beside Saint Bernard puppy at daytime

Dogs love the sand and the waves as much as people do. Find a nearby dog-friendly beach or take your dog on your next beach getaway. The beach is a memorable trip that your dog will love.

4.Host A Dog Birthday Party

Throw your dog a birthday party. Whether it’s on their actual birthday or a day you pick, invite the neighborhood pooches for a backyard or park party. You can make this over the top with party hats and dog party activities, or you can keep it low-key with a few presents and a special dog treat.

5.Take Your Dog to Work

Take Your Dog to Work Day is a national holiday that happens in June. Rally the office to support the holiday and bring your dog to work. Your dog will love spending the whole day with you, and your co-workers will gush over him too.

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6.Take Your Dog for A Ride in A Convertible

dog sticking its face out of a convertible car

Dogs love cars. Wind in its face, tongue drifting in the air, and sun on its back when they ride in a convertible. You can rent a convertible car, get an Uber, or borrow a friend’s ride if you don’t own a convertible.

7.Take Your Dog on a Stand Up Paddle Board Ride

This one might take some effort and count as a new trick, but taking your dog for a stand-up paddleboard ride will be memorable for both of you. This is a fantastic source of exercise and it also means relaxing on the lake or the river. And who better to have with you than your dog?

8.Play Frisbee

A classic for a reason, playing Frisbee is a step up from fetch. If your dog loves retrieving, then take them to the park for a fun day of Frisbee. Don’t get discouraged if your dog can’t quite figure out how to catch it mid-air. As long as they are chasing and having fun, then Frisbee is a win.

9.Take a Nap Together

person in black shirt lying on bed

Have you been doing things from our list? Then it’s definitely nap time. Allow your dog to join you for a snooze on the bed, a picnic blanket, or the couch. Snuggle up and enjoy the restful bonding time.

10.Give Your Dog a Gourmet Meal

You can do this two ways: make a gourmet meal or take them to a restaurant that serves dog meals. Either way, it will be a special treat for your dog and will show them you care. 

11.Give Your Dog a Doggy Massage

After a long day of play or work, give your dog the spa treatment. You can either take them to the dog spa or give them a dog massage. Dog massages are great for circulation, relieving joint and muscle strain or stress. Your dog will love a deep rub down.

12.Play Hide n’ Seek

A classic children’s game that dogs enjoy too. If hiding from your dog confuses them, you can play by hiding their favorite toy. Start by hiding the toy in easy places and then 

increase the difficulty as your dog get better at playing.

13.Play in the Autumn Leaves

In the autumn, rake a pile of leaves for your dog to frolic and play in. Watch them jump, dive, chase, and roll to their heart’s content.

14.Take Your Dog Swimming in the Ocean or a Lake

white and brown long coat small dog

Most dogs love to play in the water. Taking them swimming in a lake or ocean can be a lot of fun. If your dog gets nervous around the water, you can always put them in a doggie life vest to help them swim.

15.Cuddle by a Fire with Your Dog

In the fall or winter, on a cool day, start up the fireplace and snuggle with your dog. Set down a blanket or towel to share on the floor by the fire. They’ll enjoy the warmth and your company.

16.Play in the Sprinklers

If it is a hot summer day, then turn on the sprinklers and watch your dog play. Not only will your grass love it, but your dog will too. If you have kids, send them out to run through the water with your dog for a magical summer day.

17.Have a Dog Play Date

Dogs love to spend time with other dogs. When you socialize them right, they enjoy being with others dogs. Invite a favorite dog friend over for a play date in the backyard or at the park.

18.Hike a National Park with Your Dog

chocolate brown Labrador retriever lying on moss covered rock in woods

Getting out in nature is a spectacular way to spend time with your dog. Plan a trip to a national park or visit a local, national park with your dog. They will love to explore as much as you.

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19.Try Something New With Your Dog

Take your dog to a new place, try a new hobby, or play a new sport together. It will be a fun way to bond with your dog while experiencing something new.

20.Go Camping with Your Dog

Get out in nature and spend the night camping with your dog. Not only will your dog enjoy camp life, but sharing a tent will be a treat too. Make sure to pack enough food, water, and doggy bags for poop.

21.Go To A Dog Park

Dog parks are a blast because they are designed specifically for dogs. Take your dog to make new friends or just run around. 

22.Take Your Dog for a Boat Ride

a tiny black and white dog sitting down on a boat

Head to the lake or river for a boat ride with your dog. They’ll love the speed, wind, and water. Make sure the lake or river allows pets before you get there.

23.Do Dog Yoga

What better way to relax than to do dog yoga. Also known as Doga, dog yoga is a way for you and your dog to stretch, connect and unwind.

24.Take Your Dog to a Dog Pool Party

A dog pool party is all paws access to swim with other dogs at a public pool. It’s a fun time for dog owners to socialize and watch as their dogs play and splash. These are usually held at the end of the summer, right before the pool’s close.

25.Take Your Dog Canoeing

if your dog loves being out in nature and on the lake, then you’ve got to take them canoeing. Make sure they wear a life jacket and then set sail in a non-aluminum canoe for extra fun.

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