Over 2 million pets travel by air every year. Cats are great travel buddies because they can be carried on most domestic and international flights. But cats don’t always enjoy traveling. For most cats, traveling is very stressful.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to reduce the stress of traveling with your cat. We’ve got eight tips to help your cat enjoy traveling more with you.

1. Start Planning Early

Unfortunately, traveling with cats is not a spontaneous adventure—unless you’re getting in your car and hitting the open road. Flying with your cat can be an involved process. That’s why it is critical to start the planning process for bringing your pet as soon as you know your travel plans.

It’s also a smart idea to teach your cat that traveling is part of their lifestyle from a young age. If your cat learns that traveling is something they often do, they are less likely to be stressed out by a pet carrier than a cat who has never left their home.

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Make the cat carrier a safe place.

2. Make Your Cat Carrier a Desired Space

To travel, your cat will need to spend a lot of time in their pet carrier. You want your carrier to be a safe space for your cat where they won’t mind being inside. If your cat’s only association with the cat carrier is the vet’s office, then you might be in a world of hurt.

To encourage your cat to enjoy their pet carrier, you need to use positive reinforcement:

  • Keep the carrier out in an area where your cat can explore, sleep, or play in it at home.
  • When your cat goes inside the carrier, take them somewhere they will enjoy.
  • Reward them with a treat.

3. Get Your Cat a Microchip and Identification Collar

When traveling internationally, most countries require that your cat has a microchip. The microchip can help you quickly identify and find your cat if they get lost. An identification collar with contact information is another essential step to keeping your cat safe.

4. Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

We never said it would be easy. But leash training your cat can prove very helpful when traveling abroad. Keeping your cat on a leash when you travel keeps them from wandering, getting lost, running away if they get spooked.

To leash train your cat:

  • Start by letting your cat get used to being on the leash.
  • Walk them around the house when they are comfortable with the leash.
  • Eventually, walk your cat around your yard or neighborhood.

Some cats don’t mind leashes; other cats may hate it. This is another thing to introduce early in your cat’s life so that they recognize the leash as part of their lifestyle.

A cat bed is critical for travelling.

5. Have Special Cat Items for Travelling

Several travel items can enhance your cat’s comfort and your sanity when traveling. We recommend having these items on hand when you travel with your cat:

  • Pet Carrier
  • Food and Water
  • Litter Box
  • Cat Bed
  • Bowls
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Scratch Post
  • Leash
  • Veterinarian Contact Information

Having special toys or a scratch post that you only bring out when you travel can be like a special reward for your cat.

6. Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations and Travel

You’ll want to look for pet-friendly places to stay. Many hotels now offer pet perks or amenities to create a positive environment for your cat. You’ll also want to follow any rules and restrictions from your hotel or airline that you use.

Traveling to some countries, you may need to follow stringent guidelines to bring your cat. You can go to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) website to get country-specific guidelines.

Hiring a pet shipping company can help you identify the best airlines and hotels for traveling with pets. They can also simplify the process to ensure your pet travels safely and comfortably.

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7. Learn How Your Cat Communicates

Your cat knows how to communicate with you when it is hungry, needs the litter box, or is tired. Learn your cat’s cues so that you can tell how to calm, soothe, or help your cat during your travels.

By anticipating their needs, you’ll be able to reduce their stress in new or unfamiliar situations and provide comfort in their new environment. When they recognize that they can trust you, then you’ll have smoother, happier travels.

8. Work with a Pet Shipping Service

Traveling with your cat requires a lot of details, coordination, and thoughtful planning. To simplify the process, you may want to use a professional pet relocation service.

All Paws Express has a dedicated personal consultant to ensure your pet is documented and comfortable during their travel. We offer a high-quality turnkey solution for your pet’s next adventure. 

Enjoy Travelling With Your Cat By Following Our Tips

Cats are a delight. But traveling with your cat can be stressful for you and your furry friend. To relieve stress and travel safely, you should follow our tips. The most crucial step is to plan early.

The faster you begin the process of traveling with your pet, the less rushed you will be to:

  • Set up appointments
  • Book flights and accommodations
  • Purchase any supplies needed 

The more time you have, the better off you’ll be for a safe and comfortable trip with your cat. All Paws Express is an experienced team of consultants that can assist you with any and all steps in the process.

Want to ensure your cat has a good flight? Call All Paws Express at 1 (800) 626-5023 to provide a safe and comfortable flight for your cat.

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