JetBlue has some strict regulations and limitations on flying with your pet, but they can provide your dog or cat a safe and comfortable experience. It’s crucial to understand the airline’s rules before taking your pet on the plane; we’ll cover all the important stuff for you!

What Animals Can Fly JetBlue?

Many airlines will transport various pets, but JetBlue only allows dogs and cats. There is also another limiting factor when flying with JetBlue: they only allow one pet per passenger. So, if you are moving multiple pets, they will need someone to accompany them on the flight. It’s also important to note that JetBlue only allows a maximum of four animals on any flight. One thing JetBlue offers that many other airlines do not is the ability for unaccompanied minors to fly with a pet.

Pets traveling with JetBlue have a flat fee of $125 each way, no matter where the destination is.

JetBlue’s Pet Weight Limits

There’s another big restriction for flying your pet with JetBlue: your pet must ride in the cabin, and the pet and carrier weight combined cannot exceed 20 lbs. Your furry friend must stay in their carrier throughout the plane ride and while in the airport, and they will sit underneath the seat in front of you for the duration of the trip. Your pet and carrier also count as carry-on luggage; it’s important to keep that in mind when you’re packing. 

Documentation You Will Need for Your Pet

Here’s what you should expect to bring when flying your pet with JetBlue:

ESA Letter (Optional as of 1/11/2021)

While no longer a necessity, it may prove to be helpful to bring an ESA letter with you if you’re traveling with an emotional support animal. ESA letters must be signed by a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor and include:

Animal Air Transportation Form (For Service Animals)

If you are flying on JetBlue with a service animal, you will need to submit this form with the Dept. of Transportation 48 hours in advance. This is not necessary for emotional support animals or pets.

Vet Health Forms

If you’re flying internationally with your pet, you’ll need a health form from your vet showing that they are healthy and up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Destination-Specific Forms

If you’re flying overseas or internationally, many destinations have their own special requirements. You will need additional paperwork if you’re traveling with your pet to Hawaii or Puerto Rick, among other areas.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Flying JetBlue With Your Pet

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Here’s the important stuff to know for relocating your pet with JetBlue:

Before You Fly

Here’s what you have to present at the airline upon checking in:

  • Vaccination and documentation records for your pet. (Different states and countries have different requirements, make sure to know what you need!)
  • Your pet needs to have their tags and veterinary certificate.
  • Be careful of the carrier you choose; to fly on JetBlue, your pet must have the ability to freely stand up and move in their carrier.
  • Your carrier must be leakproof and well ventilated.
  • Hard and soft-sided carriers are both acceptable.
  • Only one pet is allowed per carrier.

JetBlue Pet Guidelines

  • You will get charged a $125 fee each way for your pet.
  • Only four pets are allowed per flight, but you can book up to three spots in advance.
  • Your pet and their carrier count as a personal item, and they must fit underneath the seat in front of you. Their combined weight must be under 20 lbs.
  • If you’re traveling Blue Basic, starting on 7/20/21, carry-ons will not be allowed. You can have one other personal bag along with your pet and carrier.
  • You cannot bring a pet when the flight itinerary includes a JetBlue partnership airline.
  • If you’re a TrueBlue member, you can earn 300 additional points when flying with your pet.

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Arriving at the Airport

Once you pay your pet fee, JetBlue will give you an SSR code for your pet. After receiving this, you can check in anytime 24 hours before your flight. When you get to the airport with your pet:

  • Stop by the service counter to get your JetPaws bag tag and attach it to your carrier — this shows the flight crew that your pet is ready to fly.
  • At the TSA security checkpoint, you’ll remove your pet from their carrier. The carrier will get x-rayed (but not your pet, don’t worry!).
  • Remember, your pet plus carrier counts as a personal item on the flight.
  • If you have a pet stroller, you can gate-check it for no extra charge.
  • Your pet must stay in the carrier throughout the airport and flight.

During the Flight

  • If you’re traveling with your pet, you cannot sit in a bulkhead seat, emergency exit row, or any seat with restricted storage capacities.
  • JetBlue recommends that you sit in an aisle or window seat to keep you and your pet more comfortable.
  • Your pet cannot leave the carrier for any reason.
  • You can hold the carrier during the flight, but it must go underneath the seat during take-off and landing.

Pet Travel Checklist

Courtesy of JetBlue, here’s what they recommend that you bring when traveling with your pet:

  • All necessary documentation and vaccination records
  • Their ID tags
  • Their pet license
  • A pet carrier that is FAA-approved
  • Treats and chews for your furry friend
  • One of their favorite toys
  • Pet supplies to last your entire trip
  • Tire out your canine pal before the flight so they’ll adapt more quickly and nap during the time in the air.

Relocate Your Pet Safely With All Paws Express

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