Moving is more stressful than heartbreak both for you and your pets. Creating a plan to help your pet transition is essential for making the process easier for you and your pet. We have several tips for creating a more calm environment for your pet and helping them through the move.

Before the Move

You can do several things before the move that will significantly reduce the anxiety and stress for your pet.

Check out the Neighborhood

If you have a dog, then getting to know the neighborhood is critical because you’ll likely take your dog on walks around the area. You’ll want to research the area to see if it is a good fit for your pet.

While in the neighborhood:

  • Look for loose animals or unfriendly animals in your neighbors’ yards.
  • Determine if there are dangerous or busy roads in case your pet gets out of the house.
  • Find any parks or open spaces that your pet can enjoy nearby.

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Get outside to help your dog deal with stress

Find a Local Vet

If you are moving out of your city or town, you’ll need to find a new veterinarian before you move. Moving is particularly hard on dogs and cats because they are territorial animals. 

When you move, they may act out because of stress. This could mean swallowing something or eating something that could be harmful. You’ll want a good recommendation in case of an emergency.

Keep Important Docs on Hand

Get a copy of your pet’s current veterinarian medical records and vaccinations. This is essential if you are shipping your pet to your new destination. This is also helpful to give to your new vet. 

You may also want to consider microchipping your pet if they wander off or get lost in your new area. And when traveling internationally, many countries require a microchip with their current records.

Introduce them to their carrier early

Several days before your departure, you should let your animal become comfortable with their travel carrier. This is especially important if they are not comfortable or familiar with traveling in a crate. Allowing them to explore and investigate the carrier before you leave can reduce stress for your pet.

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Moving day can be very stressful for your pet.

During the Move

Moving day can be a lot of stress on everyone. Here are a few tips for making it easier for your pet.

Consider a Pet-Sitter

Pet-sitters are a great solution for pets. Hire a neighbor kid or a pet-sitting service to play, entertain, and watch over your pet while you uproot their environment.

If your pet becomes destructive when they are stressed, you’ll want someone to watch over them to keep them out of mischief and happily preoccupied.


On the morning of the move, make sure your pet gets lots of exercise. This could be a walk or a vigorous play session. You know what activities your pet enjoys most. Treat them to a familiar routine before the day gets crazy.

Keep Them with You

Many pets can suffer from separation anxiety, compound that with the stress of a move, and your animal will be distressed. Let them travel near you in their crate as much as possible. Reassure your dog by talking calmly to help settle their fears. Reward them with treats and toys to help them stay calm.

A Fun First Night

When you get to your new home, you’ll want to create positive memories with your pet. You’ll want to create a familiar routine to help ground your animal in their new environment as quickly as possible.

Spend quality time in every room with your pet by playing games and showering them with attention. This will affirm your love and create a positive environment for your pet.

Post-move Care

Once you are moved into your new home, you’ll want to help your pet with the transition. Here are a few tips to keep them safe, anxiety-free, and happy.

Check for Hazards

Safeguard your new home from any hazards that may harm your pet. You’ll want to pet-proof areas in your home that will keep your pet safe and not prone to accidents. Make sure cleaning supplies and electrical wires are out of reach. And you’ll want to store trash cans behind cupboard doors. 

Explore the Neighborhood Together

Make sure to carve out time for taking your pet for walks around the neighborhood. Getting outside will help reduce stress and allow your pet to explore the area in a controlled, safe manner. Plus it’s a great way to meet your neighbors. 

Keep a Schedule

Studies prove that animals love predictable behavior and routine. It is comforting and reliable. You’ll want to establish the same routine to help familiarize your pet with their new environment, feeding schedule, and exercise time. 

Give Them Lots of Love and Attention

To help your animal feel secure, you’ll want to give them lots of love and attention by:

  • Spending quality time with them
  • Cuddling
  • Playing
  • Going for walks

The more time you spend with them in the new environment will reduce their stress and help them acclimate to their new home.

Signs They’re Still Anxious

Moving can cause stress and anxiety for most animals. Depending on your pet’s personality, they may experience more or less anxiety about the move. Some common signs of animal anxiety include:

  • Hiding
  • Tail-tucking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Potty accidents
  • Changes in energy levels
  • Excessive panting
  • Wandering or Escaping
  • Excessive barking

If you notice any of these signs, you may want to call your new vet. 

How to Help

The best thing you can do to help calm your animal in a new home is spend time with them. The more comfortable they become in the home, by being reassured that you’re not abandoning them or leaving them. Playing with them to create positive experiences in the new home is also beneficial.

Natural Remedies

Try these natural remedies to help calm your animal:

  • Give them a new toy or treat
  • Train them to do a new trick, routine, or command.
  • Give them a natural pet supplement like CBD oil or catnip. 
  • Turn on a noise machine to reduce unfamiliar sounds.
  • Create places in the home where they can hide and feel secure.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you’ll be able to reduce your pet’s stress on moving day. Relocating can be brutal on animals, but they can adapt quickly with your help. Make sure to give them lots of love during this challenging transition time. 

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