Are you moving and you need to ship your pet to your new home? Are you wondering how much it will cost? We’ll ballpark many of the pet transportation costs associated with sending a pet and list the benefits of using a pet transportation company.

Your Pet Transport Options

You can ship your pet by ground, air, or even boat. 

Ground transport

If you can take your pet with you in the car, this is ideal because your pet trusts you and the environment. This is also the most economical because your pet can ride for free. However, this isn’t always possible. Hiring a ground transport from a pet transportation company can vary in price. Some companies charge a flat rate or by mile.

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Sea Transport

If you need to travel across an ocean, you’ll want to check with commercial boats to see if they accept animals on board. Most ships won’t allow an animal unless it is a service or emotional support animal. If you can take your animal, you usually have to purchase a special ticket for them.

Commercial Air Transport

Commercial Air is the fastest way to ship a pet. Animals can typically ship within 24 hours from door to door. The shipment cost can vary depending on your pet’s size and destination. You’ll need to pay for the ticket and any additional fees by the shipping company. Talk to your pet relocation company for a quote.

There are three ways your pet can travel by commercial air:


This applies to small pets that weigh less than eighteen pounds and are only nineteen inches tall. Most airline pet policies require that their carrier fit under the chair in front of you like a small backpack. This can still cost between $50 – $200 depending on the airline pet policy.

Checked baggage

For larger animals they can travel with an adult passenger as checked baggage. The pet’s weight plus its carrier must be under 100 pounds like a checked bag. The animal will ride in an area of the cargo that is pressurized and temperature controlled. This can still cost between $100 – $250 depending on the airline pet policy.

Air cargo

This is when your pet travels unaccompanied to the destination. Your pet will ride in their carrier in the cargo area where it is pressurized and temperature controlled. When your pet travels as air cargo, the cost is generally based on the pet’s weight and carrier crate. 

Depending on where your pet is traveling will also determine the price. You’ll want to contact the airline for a better estimate.

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Airlines charge differently for pet shipping

Costs to Domestic and International Dog Shipping

Before your dog can fly, there are a few other costs associated with shipping your dog domestically or internationally by air. 

Vet visits

To travel, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) requires that your pet will need to visit a certified veterinarian within ten days of the travel date. Your vet will need to issue:

  • A certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI)
  • A signed certificate of rabies vaccination, issued within 30 days of the travel date or a year for foreign travel.

Your veterinarian bill will cost between $75- $250 for a visit.

Travel crate or carrier

To travel, your pet must ride in a travel crate. The travel crate must follow specific airline guidelines to ensure safety. Travel crates cost between $50-$400 depending on the size of your dog. 

Airline tickets and fees

This will be the highest cost because a live animal’s transport often costs more than a passenger ticket. If they are traveling unaccompanied, then the rate will be higher. You’ll want to talk to the airline to learn more about their pet policies and fees since every airline handles this differently. Ticket costs between $275 – $1000 depending on pet size.

For international travel, some airlines will not allow you to book your pet’s trip directly. They may require that you use a pet transportation agency, especially if there are layovers or connecting flights. A pet transportation agency also guarantees that the proper paperwork accompanies your pet.

Transport services to and from the airport

Additional costs for door-to-door shipping include transportation to and from the airport. Ground transportation can cost up to $300 depending on how far your pet must travel from the airport to get to its new home. 

International expenses 

International travel generally requires more paperwork and government approval, which comes with varying fees and costs. To obtain all the necessary paperwork, you’ll want to start the process at least six weeks in advance. 

Government approval or endorsements

Many countries require a Consular and USDA endorsement to travel. The USDA endorsement can cost between $38- $173, depending on your pet.

Import permits

Some countries require an import permit. To determine if you need an import permit, you’ll need to visit your destination’s government website. Hiring a pet transportation company to help you acquire all these permits makes it a lot easier.

Customs clearance

Once your pet arrives, it must be cleared through customs, which may include additional fees for brokers, taxes, tariffs, and other country requirements. You can contact your airline to find out how much customs will cost for your animal. 


Some countries may require that your pet quarantines at a specific facility for a period of time before they can enter the country officially. Quarantine fees can vary between countries. You’ll want to check their government website for information.

Pet Transporting Companies can make air travel seamless for your pet.

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Transporting Company

Pet shipping companies love animals and know the best methods for transporting your pets. There are a lot of advantages to using a pet transportation company like All Paws Express:

Less stress for you and your pet

Moving can be very stressful for pets. By hiring a pet shipping company, their experts know all the best techniques and tricks to calm your pet. And they can reduce stress for you by acquiring all the permits and paperwork need to fly.

They’re the experts

Because this is their business, they know the best way to expedite and ship your pet. Leveraging their knowledge, they’ll be able to save you money by knowing what needs to be done, giving you peace of mind that your pet is in wise hands.

Save time

Because they know how the system works, pet shipping companies can create an organized schedule for acquiring paperwork and transportation needs. They will often save time by cutting through the red tape faster than you could do independently.

Good plan-B option

If you can’t take your pet with you, then a pet shipping company is a great plan-B option for getting your pet to their new home. All Paws offers 24-hour customer support, so you can sleep well knowing your pet is safe.

You may have no other choice

Sometimes, like in the case of international trips, you have to use a pet transportation company. Still not a bad option when they can make the process seamless.

Final thoughts

Sometimes when you need to make a long-distance move, having your pet travel with you isn’t feasible. Pet shipping companies provide the professional knowledge to get your pet to their new destination quickly and safely. While bringing your animal can require a lot of additional costs, you’ll be happy in the long run.

All Paws Express specializes in domestic and international travel for pets. A turnkey solution from pick up to delivery, ensuring your pet has a safe and worry-free journey.

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