For 85 million American families, your pets are family. And when changes come, it’s hard on them too. Unfortunately, when you need to make a long-distance move, sometimes having them travel with you isn’t feasible

Animal studies have proven that moving can be very stressful for pets, and you want to make them as comfortable as possible. To take the worry and stress out of transporting your pet, you should consider using a pet shipping company

Pet shipping companies love animals and know the best methods for transporting your furry family members. But how to choose the best shipping company for your pet? 

Besides being a member of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA), We’ll examine each method and tell you which questions to ask when vetting a pet shipping company to ensure your pet has a safe trip to their new home.

You can transport your pet by car using a Pet Shipping Company

Methods for Shipping Your Pet

There are four methods for shipping your pet:

1. By Auto with the Family

This will be the least stressful method for your pet because your family will surround them. You’ll also have personal control of your pet and will know when your pet is showing signs of stress, fatigue, or simply needs to use the bathroom.

If you move is over a long distance, you’ll want to give your pet breaks every two to three hours to go potty and get a drink of water. You’ll also want to keep them in a crash-rated travel crate for optimal safety. 

Of course, this isn’t always feasible to bring your pet with you. 

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2. By Ground Pet Shipping Companies

If your pet prefers riding in a car instead of an airplane, you should consider hiring a ground pet shipping company. If you choose to use this method, you’ll need to decide if your pet should ride by Group Transport or Private Transport

Using Group Transport, your pet will travel with other animals. Your animal will be the only animal in the truck using Private Transport. However, you might need to pay more for Private Transport. 

Sending your animal by ground shipping is generally less expensive than traveling by air. If you chose to use this method, you should ask your ground pet shipping company the following questions:

Will the vehicle make several stops for other deliveries?

If your pet is traveling in a Group Transport, they may make several stops along the route, which will add time and possibly cause stress for your animal. The more you know about the route that will help you decide if this is the best method for your pet.

How many other animals will be traveling at the same time?

Find out how many animals and what variety of animals will be traveling with your pet. If their vehicle is transporting several different animals, this may be extremely stressful for your pet.

Will your pet be traveling in a climate-controlled environment?

Environment matters. While pet shipping companies must provide climate-controlled compartments for the animals, these rules are relative to some companies. Ask what temperature they keep the crates and if there is adequate ventilation in the vehicle.

What kind of exercise is provided?

Ask how many stops they will take to exercise the animals. If the trip is more than five hours long, your pet will need to run around, especially for dogs. Also, find out how they exercise the animals. If they are let free in a small area, it may be dangerous for your pet, depending on how aggressive the other animals are.

Ask about the type of crate used?

Professional pet shipping companies prefer to use their own crates. Find out and inspect the crate to ensure it is adequate space for your animal’s long journey. If your pet isn’t used to a crate, you will need to start training them now, or the trip will be very stressful.

What is the feeding schedule?

Find out the feeding schedule of how, when, and what your pet will be fed. Find out if the company can keep your pet on the same diet. This will help with digestion over the long trip.

For an overnight trip, what are the sleeping arrangements?

You’ll want to find out if the drive sleeps in the van with the pets or if they stay in a hotel. If they are in a hotel, find out their procedure for attending to the dogs during the night if a problem occurs.

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cat sleeping on a plane

3. By Air

There are three ways you can ship your pet to its new location without using a pet shipping company.

If your pet flies with you in the cabin of the plane

If you’re flying, you can take your pet with you in the cabin. This is only allowed if the pet carrier is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. This option is limited to small pets, and some airlines restrict the number and type of animal they will transport in the cabin. Talk to the airline to get more information.

If your pet flies on your plane but in the cargo area

If you are flying, you can purchase a ticket for your pet to fly in the cargo area as accompanied baggage. This is great for larger pets or pets that will be disruptive in the cabin. Temperatures for the cargo area are between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll want to talk to the airline to get more details about this option.

Your pet flies unaccompanied by you in the cargo area.

Some airlines allow pets to fly unaccompanied in the cargo area of an airplane. Ticket prices can be higher when you’re not traveling with them. And you’ll need someone on the receiving end to pick up your pet. You should contact the airline to learn more about shipping this way.

4. By Air with a Professional Pet Shipping Company

Using a professional pet shipping company is the easiest and safest way for your pet to travel. Pet shipping companies remove the hassle and concerns that major airlines create.

Pet shipping companies:

  • Have the relationships and the knowledge to navigate airline policies.
  • Provide the required boarding accommodations and veterinary procedures.
  • Love for the animals and will treat your pet like family.
  • Ensure the safest, most stress-free travel. 

Ensure the Safety of Your Pet With Its Preferred Method of Travel

You know your pet best and how they prefer to travel. If you need to work with a professional pet shipping company, they can transport your animal either by ground or air. 

However, for really long distances, we recommend sending your pet by air using a professional service. They can ensure the safety of your pet while providing the least stressful environment. 

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